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Integrated Home Automation One Stop solutions from ICS.

The hi-tech home of today can run itself. From fountains, to lighting, to home appliances; ICS can work with your contractor to ensure that your home can take care of itself, even if you’re not there. New internet enabled technology appears in almost every type of appliance and home technology, but it takes an experienced team to get all of your new equipment to work together.

An ICS automated home can allow you to turn on the oven and start the furnace when you leave work via the internet so that when you arrive home your dinner is already heated up in the oven and the house is warm and comfortable the moment you enter the door. When leaving, one press of a button can turn off the lights, arm the security, and close the garage door. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Our professional sales team and experienced technicians will work hand in hand with your builder or contractor to make sure the home you live in is the home you love. Call ICS today to get started on your path to an easier, more efficient lifestyle.

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