Residential Services

In today’s home, quality entertainment and total home protection are as important as doors and windows.

Think about it.

The physical placement of your plasma TV screen determines where you spend much of your time. Hollywood has taught you to expect an audio system that produces the sound of a footstep as distinctively as it does a dinosaur’s roar. The space where you and your family gather to watch TV, whether it’s part of the family room or in a dedicated Home Theater, provides a personal retreat for endless entertainment. It is a window to other worlds – a space where you kick back, laugh, cry, cheer, shop, channel-surf, and, in short, live.

A space this special deserves ICS.

We’re ICS – Interactive Communication Systems – and we’re experts at custom-equipping homes with state-of-the-art, integrated, electronic home protection and audio/visual systems. We’ve been designing, installing, and upgrading systems here in the Heartland for nearly 15 years, and we apply our experience to your specific home and family needs.

Whether we’re reconfiguring a room in your existing residence or helping with the master plan of your dream home, we professionally install everything associated with in-home systems, from projectors to flat panel TV’s, surround-sound processors to speakers, satellite to cabling, and more.

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