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Whole Home Audio solutions from ICS.

One of the most popular new features in home technology is the multi-room audio system. Play a single music source throughout the entire house, or multiple sources independently selectable in each room. Put your whole CD collection on a single media server that can be accessible anywhere in the home.

Whether entertaining or just lounging around, a whole home audio system from ICS can enhance any atmosphere. From the deck to the bathroom, ICS has a solution that can create the environment you’re looking, or listening, for. ICS carries quality source equipment, dynamic speakers, and hi-grade wiring to ensure the integrity of the installation and the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our professional sales team can work with you to find the best set-up for your needs and budget, whatever they may be. Contact ICS today to find out how a whole house audio system can change the way you enjoy and entertain in your home.

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